Late Night Binge

Are your daily habits helping or harming your chances at a long life? You might be surprised to learn that some simple habits like snacking late at night could be shortening your lifespan over time. 

Check out our list of nine everyday habits to avoid if you want to boost your longevity and be healthier for every year that you get. 

9. Nighttime Eating

Nighttime Snacking

Recent research through Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that nighttime eating could be detrimental to your health and your lifespan. Also referred to as delayed eating, midnight snacking could cause faulty fat metabolism, weight gain, and blood sugar imbalances from increased blood glucose and insulin. 

Eating at night could also bring on increases in cholesterol and triglycerides. Excess triglycerides collect in our fatty tissues, especially around the gut, and raise the risk of developing chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. 

8. Late Night Binge-Watching

Regular binge-watching late at night could be shortening your life because it messes with your ability to get great sleep.

Lack of restorative sleep can be linked to low melatonin and increased stress. High stress leads to high levels of stress hormone cortisol. High cortisol can lead to insulin resistance, high blood sugar, weight gain, and a rollercoaster of metabolic challenges that could result in life-threatening disease. 

It’s pretty clear why healthy sleep should be a priority at every age, and why binge-watching is better for daylight hours. Shutting down all screens before bed is an important step toward a longer life. 


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