It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; we all have to pee. And while urine is such a normal process in our bodies, many people don’t even care for it. And why should they?

Well, there’s more to urine than you can see or smell. Urine’s not just waste from your body; it’s actually a useful tool that can help you clean your clothes, make gunpowder, and even reveal the sex of a baby. Don’t believe me? Here are nine amazing facts about urine. 

9. When Recycled, Urine Is Used as Drinking Water by Astronauts

Drinking Much Water

I know it might be shocking to learn that water is scarce in places like the International Space Station. So, when it comes down to it, astronauts need to get creative from time to time.

Since nearly 95% of human urine is water, it becomes useful as drinking water when it’s recycled. They can pass their urine through a water recovery system, which processes it to provide more than three gallons of drinking water every day. The process of recycling human urine is rapidly gaining traction here on Earth, where machines are being developed to produce useful portable water. 

8. Chinese People Use Urine to Cook Special Meals

Cracking Eggs

You might want to think twice before eating eggs in China. In Dongyang, China, people collect urine from boys aged below ten and use it for cooking eggs. This is called Virgin Boy Eggs.

Sellers boil these eggs in the urine with the shells cracked, and the eggs are left to cook in the urine for an entire day. What happens if the eggs start to overheat? They just start adding more fresh urine, spices, and certain herbs, resulting in eggs with pale golden whites and green yolks. The locals of Dongyang say these eggs help improve blood circulation and protecting them against harmful heat strokes. 


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