7. Don’t Cramp Your Style 

Swollen Big Toe

Fashionable shoes might make an outfit pop, but wearing styles that are too tight could cause your poor feet some serious health problems over time. When toes are cramped and squished together, the nerves in our feet can become compromised or even damaged. Those nerves could become inflamed, which triggers our immune system to take action and may cause feet to swell. Wearing shoes that give our toes space to wiggle and “breathe” is a simple but important health secret for happy feet. 

6. Cross This Habit Off Your List

Crossed Legs

Your feet wish they could tell you that every time you cross your legs they struggle to get proper circulation. If your feet sometimes go numb while your legs are crossed, it’s probably because you’re pinching your pineal nerve. According to Mount Sinai Medicine, this major nerve “is a branch of the sciatic nerve, which supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg, foot and toes.” Crossing your legs often can eventually lead to damage of the pineal nerve, a condition called mononeuropathy. Symptoms include tingly and numb feet, trouble walking, and weakness of the feet and ankles. 

5. These Shoes Are a Flop

Flip Flops

A flip flop, that is! You’d think these fun, convenient and often cushy open-toed shoes wouldn’t add stress to your feet. Flip flops are cute, but your feet would beg you to wear something with more support. Your toes have to work overtime to keep flip flops in place, causing stress to those muscles and nerves. And flip flops are a foot’s arch enemy! Your arches get zero support from most flip flop styles, leading to damaging stress on your feet’s tendons, in particular the posterior tibial tendon responsible for holding your arch up as you walk.

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