4. Don’t Sweat It

Sweaty Feet

Your feet might be wishing they could tell you a fun fact about their sweat glands. They have about 125,000 of them! Providing all those sweat glands some moisture control helps keep your feet healthier, plus itch and fungus free. A quick and easy hack for keeping your feet dry inside your shoes is to use an antiperspirant across the bottom of both. Wearing shoes and socks with breathability will help keep your feet fresh and dry all day. Not to mention how much better your feet will smell when the busy day is done. 

3. Measure Up, Then Measure Again

Shoe Size

If your feet could leave you a note in your shoes, it might read “Sorry, but we’re not a size 8 anymore.” Assuming you wear the same size shoe throughout your adult life is a mistake, and probably causing your feet unnecessary wear and tear. As we age, our arches can be less prominent. Our feet can spread from extra weight and use. Certain health conditions can cause our feet to swell. All these reasons and more make it important to take the time to measure your feet again now and then for the proper size. 

2. Feet Love Spa Days, Too

Feet Clean And Dry

For various reasons, our feet can easily become callused, develop corns, and get dry and scaly. Pampering your feet with a spa day regularly will help keep them healthy, looking good and feeling great. Foot soaks in warm or hot water can help relax your feet and loosen dead skin. Remove patches of dry, callused skin with a pumice stone or an exfoliating foot tool or brush. Then moisturize dried feet with an emollient lotion or cream made to penetrate thicker skin. For an extra pampering treat, try an exfoliating foot mask, too. 

1. That’s a Wrap

When it’s time for bed, your feet would probably ask to be wrapped up in cozy socks for the night. Though your feet don’t like to be sweaty, they do like to be a little warm. Feet that are kept comfortably warm throughout the night help regulate the temperature throughout your entire body. Socks can also increase essential blood flow to your feet. If wearing socks while under the covers is just too much heat, try poking your sock-clad tootsies out from under the blanket. Then listen closely. We think your feet just sighed a happy sigh of gratitude.

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