Love Handles

Whoever coined the term “love handles” sure had a warped sense of humor! There’s nothing even remotely lovable about those stubborn, paunchy, squishy fat-handles that so easily collect on either side of our hips. Heck, they make us look anything but lovely! Ironic, isn’t it?

Any authentic fitness expert will tell you; there is no single miraculous deed that can magically isolate that spot, and melt that naughty fat with ease. This is perhaps the last bit of fat to melt, so get real, please!

If you are determined to get rid of your love handles, you will need to be as committed to a 3-part program that includes:

  • Diet: You are what you eat, period. So if you want to keep your silhouette sleek and clean, it starts with eating clean. An astute diet is also a nutritious one that lowers your calorie intake, without lowering your energy.
  • Exercise: There’s no two ways about it – the more your body moves, the merrier you will look and feel. A salient exercise program is one that is fun and doesn’t allow you to stagnate.
  • Lifestyle: Change is never a one-time thing. Better get used to making it a constant part of your life.

For newbies, don’t let this overwhelm you or put you off just yet. There are tricks you can use to get the best out of all 3, with better, faster results.

Also, a big bonus awaits you! You stand to gain unbelievable energy levels to get more out of your life – more health, more energy to generate wealth, and more emotional clarity to build fulfilling relationships. Who wouldn’t want this bliss? So read on to find nine ways to attack your stubborn love handles with wicked ease.

Load Up on the “Good” Carbs

Healthy Carbs

The poor carbohydrate family has been accused, abused, and severally renounced by many ill-informed nutritionists. Carbs are mistakenly believed to be the bane of every weight-watcher’s existence. But did you know that there are several good carbs that keep you feeling full for longer, without overloading your tummy? Sweet potatoes are a classic.

So are oats, especially if they also include bran. These carbs will also give you the strength to continue with your daily workout. Else, you can expect to feel starved all the time, even as you look for sneaky ways to miss the gym.



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