7. Dizziness


Elderly patients and others have reported feeling dizzy and experiencing balance problems. Many may fall after they develop a fever or exhibit other physical symptoms. Dizziness appears as a newer neurological symptom reported by the CDC.

In some cases, the balance issues may have a relationship with the other generalized symptoms of the illness and occur because of physical weakness, but neurological involvement also appears to stand out as a leading cause.

6. Difficulty Concentrating


Moderate to severe COVID-19 sufferers have noted a difficulty in concentrating coupled with severe fatigue. In extreme cases, they feel sleepy and confused. Hospitalized patients often have a difficult time waking up after they are given sedating medications. Luckily, patients who recover rarely have lasting confusion.

5. Loss of Smell and Taste

Sense Of Smell

Worldwide, sufferers of COVID-19 have reported a loss of taste and smell. At this time, the exact cause remains unknown, but many researchers theorize that the nerves and certain regions of the brain become inflamed when afflicted by the virus. In many patients, it can take weeks or months to recover their senses.

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