Loneliness & Isolation


Staying in touch with the rest of the world is one way to prevent being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Studies show that people who describe themselves as having feelings of loneliness are 1.63 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s than people who stay connected. It is important to note that not having a partner and living by yourself is not the same as feeling lonely. It is the perception of loneliness that can lead to the increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Keeping a well-kept social network can help prevent this as well as increase overall enjoyment of life during later years.

Consuming a Western Diet

Western Diet

American citizens are more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s than a number of other countries and the Western diet may have something to do with that. The Western diet is comprised of foods with a high amount of meat, fat content and sugar. When the country of Japan transitioned from their vegetable heavy diet to the Western diet, their Alzheimer’s rate rose from 1% to 7% in just twenty years. Countries with a lower rate of meat consumption boast a much lower rate of Alzheimer’s development.


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