9 Secrets Your Nurses Know, But Probably Won't Tell You

Nurses are your front line contacts in any hospital, serving to bridge the communication gap between you and the cadre of doctors that hurriedly roam its somber corridors. While it’s their job to tend to your needs and keep you abreast of what information they can concerning your condition or how you’re being cared for, there are many things they can’t or will not tell you. We’ve gathered nine of them here in this article, so read on to find out what they are.

9. They Like To Gossip

Nurses Gossiping

Nurses work 12-hour shifts that often amount to 14 hours or more spent outside of their social lives each day. As a result, their fellow nurses often become like family to them, as well as necessary partners in socializing, and when shifts drag on for that long, topics of conversation inevitably dry up and turn to patients. So while you may feel a rapport with your nurse and want to let him or her into some aspects of your personal life, you may want to think twice if you don’t want those tidbits blabbed around to every other nurse as well.

8. Treat Them Well, And They’ll Do The Same For You

treat nurse with respect

While we might like to believe that we’ll receive a certain standard of care regardless of our disposition, the truth is that nurses will treat you as well as you treat them. Showering them with demands or generally being rude is likely to lead to a decline in the quality of care, as several studies have shown that patient care erodes in the face of disrespectful behavior from either patients or other hospital staff. Be pleasant, and your nurses will also be calm and able to perform their tasks to the best of their ability.



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