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Sweat, that body fluid that is good for our health, but smells like a pig. Or so we think! But the surprising truth is that sweat is odorless. Yes, it has absolutely no smell. What is the source of that foul odor that accompanies sweat?

It is not the sweat itself, but a host of other stuff that can cause you to kick up a stench. While most of them originate from modern lifestyle habits, you will be surprised by the other unexpected sources of smelly sweat. Here are nine solid reasons why we stink, literally!

Your trusted antiperspirant has turned deviant!


Can you believe this? That one cosmetic product that is expected to keep you from smelling becomes the very source of that terrible body odor. This is because deodorants indirectly feed the bad bacteria that cause foul smells. And that is not the end of it.

Your body smells nasty, and your armpits go unhealthy and dry. Healthcare experts have woken up to this as they increasingly advise against the use of deodorants. If you have a body odor problem, you are better off simply washing two or three times a day with plain water. This is more effective and less toxic.

You have succumbed to pressure! 


We mean “stress,” that number one anti-hero of the day. Who doesn’t have a reason to be stressed today? Multitasking, work-related pressures, bad traffic, recession, global warming, or even your daily newspaper can all hit you with an undue amount of stress.

There is more – experts have found that this stress-induced sweat is indeed the worst of them all! This automatically sparks two rather smelly hormones: cortisol and adrenaline. They both have different effects on your body. But they are both triggered by stress and cause you to sweat and stink at the same time. You are thus misguided into thinking that your sweat smells. No! It is the sudden tension you felt that is the real culprit. Perhaps it is time to get meditative and de-stress.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on what is important. If you are that stressed out, then you are probably in a tough spot. It is time to make a change! It is time to find another job, to have that discussion with your spouse or child, to fix that car, to ask for that new raise or to begin that certificate program that you have been putting off.


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