Extend Your Walk-Time

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Whether you drive or make use of public transport, there are things you can do to squeeze out a little more exercise. When it comes to driving, parking further away from your place of work gives you a longer distance to walk, maximizing your exercise. If you tend to deal with full parking lots, it also saves you time as people are less likely to park at a distance anyway, so you’ll always have a spot. Use public transportation? Map out a pedestrian route to work from one or two stops earlier than you would normally disembark. Or, better yet…

Consider Biking to Work

Bike to Work

Better even than parking lot walks or mixed commutes, try riding a bike to and from work. Biking is a great whole body exercise that can build stamina and muscle. There are other benefits as well, such as the fact that you’re less likely to get stuck in traffic. You’ll also become more familiar with your route to and from work and feel more awake and invigorated when you start your workday. If your route is really tough, or you’re not exactly in perfect biking shape, consider buying an electric bike or use a bike in conjunction with public transportation.

Take a Stand
Standing Desk

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This might sound ridiculous, but every little bit helps. Most jobs involve a substantial amount of sitting. While this may be comfortable, an overly sedentary lifestyle can have health consequences. One thing you can do if you spend a lot of time sitting is convert to a standing workstation; the mere act of being on your feet will increase the number of calories you burn. Not able to go all the way? Even standing up for part of your shift, or at least once an hour to stretch out can get your blood flowing and help you burn some calories.



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