“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.” Or so was the claim by Ogden Nash, a clever poet with a fantastic sense of humor. But can you imagine a state where every scratch only worsens your itch? Well, that is what stasis dermatitis does to you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. It is debilitating in its impact, as it dramatically lowers blood circulation in the lower legs and feet. Eventually, the blood clots in these areas, causing inflammation and swelling. Over time, the skin is significantly affected too, and movement becomes difficult.

This medical condition (also known as “varicose eczema”) is sometimes inherited through genetics, but is usually caused by poor lifestyle choices.

It is also a chronic condition. In fact, modern science teaches us that once you have it, it is a challenge to cure it completely. But as a remarkable man observed, “Your body’s ability to heal is far greater than anybody has permitted you to believe!” And with these nine genuine healing tips, we hope you will start believing too.

Sitting Is the New Smoking – So Move


This is especially relevant to those who work at a desk job. Beware, as all that sitting can be far worse than even smoking! Our bodies are meant to move, so constant movement is imperative to good blood circulation too. Fortunately, there are several fun excuses you can find to keep moving.

A quick chat with a co-worker at his or her desk, or a trip or two every hour to the water cooler. Or even a peek outside from that large window that is a good distance away from your desk. You could even walk up to the copy machine a few times a day to ensure it is working and not out of paper. (Your colleagues are sure to thank you for it!)

This may not be as much fun if you already suffer from the disease, but it is just as essential. So make the decision to move, so your blood never gets a chance to turn lazy. Do this, and watch your body slowly start to thrive as it begins to celebrate the perks of good blood circulation.

Choose Mild Exercises

Mild Exercises

Are your well-meaning friends and family encouraging you to rest because of your condition? Ditch that advice, as it will do nothing for the pain in your legs! What most people don’t realize is that stasis dermatitis is not a result of too much activity.

Rather, your feet are responding to continued inactivity. So do not hesitate to seek the counsel of your doctor, as they can suggest the right type of mild exercises to suit your condition. For instance, a simple calf raise can do wonders for the inflamed veins in your feet. This demonstrates that exercise is not synonymous with pain. Instead, the two are mutually exclusive!


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