Pooping Habits

Do you have questions about bowel movements (BMs), but are embarrassed to ask? Questions that may seem too weird to share? We’ve gathered science-based answers to common questions about all things poop. Some might call them weird pooping habits. Medical professionals call them important concerns that deserve serious support.

Pooping isn’t usually a comfortable topic of casual discussion. But as they say, everybody does it. Learning about healthy BMs — and how to heal when pooping is a problem — is an important step toward achieving overall better physical health. And consequently, sweet relief.

9. Why Do I Wake Up in the Morning with Gas?


As you sleep through the night, your colon is at rest, too. When you rouse in the morning, your GI tract is back on full duty and clears out any air collected in there.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIH), having extra gas in your digestive tract is rarely abnormal. If you feel that the gas you pass in the morning is excessive or a concern, check with your doctor. Better nutrition, supplements or therapeutic medications could help.

8. Why Is Pooping Paused Overnight, But I Still Have to Pee?


While your colon is dormant at night, your bladder is still able to take on more fluid. But only until it reaches full capacity. If you drank fluids before bed, your bladder could become full during sleep and need to be emptied at least once before morning.

If you find that you’re urinating often throughout the night, you may need to be checked by a doctor. A common symptom of type 2 diabetes is a frequent urge to urinate, including while you’re trying to sleep.



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