Summer has been long anticipated by many people on coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Yet it’s frightening to take the risk of doing summer activities while the virus is still spreading. Is there a safe way to enjoy summer fun right now? Is it okay to spend time outdoors and in public places? 

As a doctor navigating through changing COVID-19 protocols, Dr. Deborah Lee knows these common questions are important to answer for public safety during coronavirus. Dr. Lee explains how you can avoid catching the novel coronavirus, with easy steps for daily protection. 

Here’s a list of the top tips Dr. Lee suggests we can follow to help prevent coronavirus infection. 

11. Either Stay at Home or Stay Outdoors

Get Outside

It’s important to remember that you’re safest from coronavirus while sheltering at home. To avoid catching novel coronavirus, know the risks and take these recommended safety steps when you spend time away from home. 

First, we know now that COVID-19 spreads fastest through respiratory droplets passed from one person to another. If you’re away from home but in a building with little ventilation, your risk of infection is much higher. 

The solution? Stay outdoors. Better air flow, plus strict social distancing, is key to avoiding coronavirus transfer. 

We also know that coronavirus-infected respiratory droplets live longer in colder temperatures than in heat. If you’re away from home in the summertime, choose to spend time outdoors in warmer temperatures (in a highly ventilated area) to avoid catching COVID-19. 

10. Wear Your Face Mask

Face Mask 3

Knowing when to wear your face mask is crucial to helping stop coronavirus spread. Though mask wearing doesn’t stop all virus transmission, it can make a huge difference for public health. 

Wear your protective mask whenever you’re in public, or come in contact with other people. If you’re spending time far away from other people, but still in public spaces, it’s probably fine to take your mask off. But keep it handy, in case someone unexpectedly enters your safe zone of at least six feet away from others at all times. 

The CDC coronavirus guidelines recommend a cloth face mask be worn by everyone except children under two years old. 



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