3. State Data Show the Effectiveness of Face Masks

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States which implement universal masking efforts have significantly fewer coronavirus cases and deaths than states who do not. Georgia and Florida, for example, have been hesitant to implement face mask wearing guidelines, and have seen large spikes in cases. 

2. A National Mask Mandate Could Save the Economy

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According to Goldman Sachs, a national mask mandate could keep the US from experiencing a major drop in GDP. When lockdowns occur, the economy takes a beating. Furthermore, even if lockdowns don’t happen, rising COVID-19 case numbers can keep consumers in their homes and lead to empty restaurants and shops. With record unemployment rates occurring, a nationwide face mask mandate could be the key to boosting the economy and creating jobs. 

1. National Mask Mandate Could Take the Stigma Out of Mask Wearing

Face Masks

In a report entitled “Social and behavioral consequences of mask policies during the COVID-19 pandemic,” scientists found that voluntary mask wearing guidelines actually cause people to view face masks as unfair and can make people feel stigmatized. Mandatory masking policies provide people with a way to avoid the social pressure of not wearing a mask, thus increasing mask use. 

A national mask mandate may not be easy to initiate or implement, but it could be the right path to take. It’s not too late to prevent deaths. We won’t need a national mask mandate, however, if everyone makes the effort to wear a face mask and practice social distancing.

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