Even though both hot and cold foods are served in Styrofoam, it’s important to know that Styrofoam is also made dangerous by excessive heat. This is even truer if you are using it to contain particularly greasy or oily foods; The oil in such portions can end up melting the container, which means you end up with a not so healthy dose of Styrofoam in your food.


Cermaic Bowls

Believe it or not, there are certain ceramic containers that are very dangerous to microwave. Even though ceramics can easily withstand the heat of the microwave, you might be surprised to learn that older ceramic cups are a potential health hazard. This is typically the case for ceramics that were made prior to the 1960’s, are glazed with potentially dangerous chemicals as part of the crafting process. Unfortunately, these substances can bleed off their ceramic containers, and into your food and drinks, which could cause illness.

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Ultimately, when it comes to cooking your food, you’re best off using glass or metal; containers made of these typically won’t end up mixing in with your food. If you end up with some leftovers you’d like to reheat, and you’d rather skip the stove in favor of the microwave, then you’d better skip the plastic products and opt for paper containers instead. It’s much better for your health, and better for the environment too.

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