3. The Asymptomatic Sufferers


Up to 40 percent of people who are infected remain asymptomatic and they have absolutely no problems recovering. In fact, many don’t even realize that they are sick with COVID-19 because they exhibit no discernible symptoms.

2. How Long Before COVID-19 Patients Feel Better?

Getting Sick

Millions have recovered around the world from COVID-19 but there are many who remain long haulers. Such individuals report that they still feel unwell and perhaps suffer long-term physical or mental damage from the virus.

Clearly the severity of the virus has an impact on recovery time. Those with mild infections will feel better quicker than those with an severe illness. It has been noted that individuals with pulmonary fibrosis appear to suffer the greatest long-term ailments.

1. Attacks Many Physical Sites

Coronavirus Stay Alive On Clothes

COVID-19 attacks a myriad of sites in the body. Even now the impact is still unknown as the virus appears to change and the symptoms increase. Sadly, the long-term side effects also continue to evolve, which puzzles most health officials.

People who appear to recover completely start to again feel unwell a week or two later. Many will even spike fevers which cause many medical professionals to fear re-infection. However, in most cases, the new fevers and side effects are simple lingering symptoms from the original COVID-19 diagnosis. Despite having symptoms, the individuals do not appear to be contagious.



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