7. Time Seems Like a Blur

Time Blur

Every so often, we might forget what day of the week it is. We may even forget what year it is, especially at the start of a new year. However, if it takes much too long to figure out the correct date and time, or you miss your necessary appointments, it can impact your daily life. Being a little late to pick up the grandchildren from school is normal — forgetting to pick them up completely, even when it’s part of the daily routine, is not. When you start to lose track of days, dates, and times regularly, it might be a severe cognitive decline. 

6. Getting Lost


You might turn down an unfamiliar road and have difficulty getting back home. That can happen to anyone. But if you find yourself on a familiar route and unable to figure out which way to turn, it can be distressing. It’s also a sign to consult with a healthcare professional. 

5. Trouble with Daily Activities

Confused Phone

We take the everyday tasks we do for granted, like programming the microwave or working a television remote. If all of a sudden you can’t recall how to check your voicemail or thread your sewing machine — things that you use every day — that can be cause for concern. Losing the ability to perform a familiar task, one that you used to be able to do without thinking much about it, is not an average cognitive decline due to aging. 

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