Public Restrooms

You don’t have to be a germophobe to feel queasy at the thought of all the microorganisms and pathogens that await you in public restrooms. You may think you have already thought of all the places these nasty germs can hide. However, there may be spots that have escaped your notice. Even the act of washing up before leaving the room can introduce danger. It is true that you are far more likely to get sick after direct contact with an infected person than from a restroom surface. Nevertheless, it is still helpful to know how to take proper precautions when entering this area. Read on for eight places that are havens for germs in public restrooms.

8. The Floor

The Floor

This may seem a strange one to start out with, considering that all floors are relatively dirty and it’s not as if you will be touching the floor. Just keep in mind that not only do restroom floors contain all the germs from people’s shoes, but the floors inside the stalls also contain particles of bacteria and fecal matter that are sprayed up into the air every time the toilet is flushed. This effect is known as toilet plume, and the microscopic spray from toilet flushing can spread as far as six feet away. Be sure to keep your purse, backpack, or briefcase off the floor, as you don’t want them to pick up germs along the way.

7. The Walls


Remember the phenomenon called toilet plume? This spray containing microscopic particles of feces, urine, and vomit lands on the walls as well as the floor. While we’re at it, they can also land on the toilet paper dispenser, the little trash receptacles, and the toilet seat. Avoid touching the walls in the bathroom stall and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands upon exiting.


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