6. The Flush Handle

Flush Handle

This one seems obvious since people are touching the handle after wiping and may have germs on their hands. Some people employ the technique of using their foot to depress the flusher. While this protects their hands, it also transfers more floor germs to the handle, and handle germs to their foot. Use a piece of toilet paper to depress the flusher if the stall doesn’t contain an automatic toilet.

5. The Stall Door Handle

Stall Door Handle

Like the flush handle, the stall door handle is used by people who have just used their hands to clean up after urinating or defecating. You’re going to have to brave it and use the handle or be stuck in the stall. Turn the handle with a piece of toilet paper, or just go for it and plan on a good, thorough hand washing immediately afterward.

4. The Faucet

The Faucet

Now that you are at the sink, you are faced with another conundrum: how to actually wash your hands when the faucet handle is crawling with germs. In this case, go ahead and use the handle to turn the water on. Lather up with soap and scrub your hands under the water while humming the “Happy Birthday” song under your breath. This ensures you are scrubbing your hands long enough to get them truly clean, which is about 20 seconds. You can shut off the water with your elbow or use a paper towel to turn it off.

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