Have you been feeling bloated lately? Has lately been more like every day and not just once in awhile? That invisible donut around your midsection or that belly full of air feeling is more than just uncomfortable. Feeling bloated all the time can make you lethargic, off balance, and make you hate all of your pants that don’t stretch. Bloating doesn’t have to be a part of life, there are ways to banish bloat for good! Feel better with a flatter belly with these tips.

11. Slow Down

eat slow

Scarfing down meals can leave you feeling uncomfortable and bloated. This is because you are not only swallowing your food but swallowing air as well. Eating fast means that you are not properly chewing your food, so larger pieces are ingested and they take longer to be digested. Another perk of mindful eating is being aware of how much you are consuming. Not only will you avoid consuming excess calories, you can also skip that after meal-bloated feeling. Your brain takes 20 minutes to register a full stomach. So take your time and really enjoy your food.

10. Sandwiches


There are so many great things to say about sandwiches it’s hard to know where to start. They’re quick, easy, portable, and delicious. Bread and rolls are ranked as the number 1 source of sodium in the American diet. A typical sandwich can have up to 20% of your daily sodium intake. Deli meat was ranked as number 2 in sodium and cheese was nearby. All three of these items: bread, cheese, and deli meat are the main staples of any delicious sandwich. Opt for a salad or protein smoothie instead.


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