6. Low-Calorie Products

low calorie products

Just because something says “diet” doesn’t mean it’s actually good for you. The artificial sweeteners used in “zero-calorie” foods and beverages are nearly impossible for your body to fully digest. This means that the artificial sweetener lingers in your gut long after you’ve finished your soda or “guilt-free” sweet treat. Look for the ingredient aspartame or sucralose before buying that “diet”, “sugar-free”, or “guilt-free”, beverage or treat. Eliminating these from your diet will bring you instant and long-term relief. Swap that afternoon diet cola for water and choose whole fruits and vegetables instead of “diet” items.

5. Carbonated Beverages

carbonated beverages

Sugary sodas should be avoided completely for many reasons, but bloating can happen from carbonated beverages even if it’s just club soda. Those fun, little bubbles cause swelling inside the stomach. Diet sodas are even worse for belly bloat as your body cannot digest the artificial sweetener in the beverage. For those who cannot live a life without bubbles, fret not. To limit the amount of carbonation ingested, leave the beverage open for a few hours before drinking. Pouring overeating ice helps reduce carbonation as well.

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4. Beans


Beans, beans, the musical fruit the more you eat…A silly childhood rhyme still rings true for many who struggle to enjoy eating beans. An excellent source of protein and fiber, beans are pretty great and definitely delicious. Unfortunately, their high carbohydrate content is what causes gas and bloat after consumption. Beans don’t have to get the boot forever as they add so much nutritional value to dishes. Before eating beans, try an over the counter anti-gas tablet to avoid the bloating and gas everyone hates.


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