3. Candy and Gum


Some people just need something to keep their mouths busy. While some people talk, others choose to chew or suck on candy and gum. This is a common method for those looking to lose weight or quit smoking, but can also be the reason why you feel bloated. Eating candy or chewing gum can result in excess air being swallowed. Swap out this sweet treat for something much better for you like water. Water will keep you hydrated, banish bloat, and keep you regular. Dehydration is often the number 1 reason for fatigue.

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2. Eating Before Bed

eating before bed

There are a number of reasons why eating before bed isn’t great for your health. Nightmares and heartburn have been some of the aftereffects caused by eating too close to bedtime. It can also cause next day bloating as well. This is because your body slows down while you sleep, making proper digestion nearly impossible. When you cannot avoid eating before bedtime, try to remain upright and moving before sleeping. Also avoid eating heavy, hard to digest items like red meat or large meals. Keep it light and munch on fruit or yogurt.

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1. Food Allergies

food allergies

Sometimes bloating is more than just an indicator that you ate too much too fast. Bloating is a common symptom and indicator of a food allergy. Those who are sensitive to gluten and wheat are prone to uncomfortable and even painful bloating. To determine if your bloating is food allergy related, keep note of when it occurs and what was eaten. This can help you and your doctor determine the best course of action to help relieve your bloating symptoms. Bloating does happen, but it should not be a frequent factor in your life.


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