Your bowel movements are private and a little bit embarrassing. You probably don’t talk about them with your loved ones and you might not even want to discuss such intimate things with your own physician. However, bowel movements can reveal a lot about your overall health. In this article, we will look at what is normal.

10. Comfortable Bowel Movements

Reading On The Toilet

Your bowel movements should never cause pain or distress They should always be comfortable. In fact, you should not have to push excessively. The entire experience should feel smooth and easy.

You’ll want to make note of the color, shape, and size to ensure that everything looks good. Also, the smell might matter, so don’t overlook it if the BM is excessively rank or rather mild.

9. Brown Is Best


Stool usually ranges in color from brown to green. Usually, the hue depends on the food you have consumed in the last three days. If your stool appears green, then it might have taken less time to digest. However, any time your stool appears black or tar-like, you should be concerned because it can indicate blood.


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