8. How Many Bowel Movements Are Normal?

Discolored Stool

Normal bowel habits vary greatly between people. Some people might have a bowel movement three times a week and others more frequently. However, if you do not have a bowel movement at least three times every seven days then you might be constipated.

Also, you should monitor changes. If you have always experienced a bowel movement every other day but then you start having three a day, then you’ll want to seek medical advice because you might have some underlying condition. Never ignore dramatic bowel changes.

Frequent bowel movements might indicate that you ate something that does not agree with you. Also, dehydration can impact your bowel movement frequency. However, if the unnatural frequency continues then you’ll want to seek medical help.

7. Smelly Stool

Eliminate Toilet Odor

The smell of your stool is usually caused by the food you consume but, in some cases, it might indicate an underlying health condition that you cannot ignore. If your food is not digested properly then it can start to ferment, which leads to the smell.

A healthy digestive tract breaks food down in the small intestine and will usually never ferment in the large intestine. If your stool frequently smells, then you might want to see your doctor.

The foul-smelling stool might indicate an intestinal infection or celiac disease. You could have leaky gut too.

6. Loose Stool


Loose stool could indicate celiac disease. About 83 percent of people who suffer from celiac disease remain undiagnosed. People who have celiac disease cannot digest gluten. Over time, it ends up ruining the villi, which are the tiny finger-like protrusions located inside of your small intestines. Once the damage occurs, you can suffer from abdominal pain, gas, nausea, and loose stool.

A gluten-free diet helps with the absorption of your food and can tighten your stool. If you suspect that you have celiac disease, consult with your physician.

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