7. Bunions Can Lead to Other Problems

Back Pain

If you don’t treat your bunions as soon as possible, you might suffer from harsher consequences. In addition to pain and feeling uncomfortable wearing regular footwear, bunions can cause other issues and foot deformities.

As we mentioned before, bunions can cause your big toe to move inwards and be on top of your other toes, making it impossible to use regular shoes. Additionally, since both toes are rubbing against each other, you might get calluses in between. You may also get calluses at the bottom of the foot.

You may also develop osteoarthritis, which is a common form of arthritis that makes it painful and difficult to move your joints on your knees.

On top of that, since you’re walking differently because of bunions, you might also affect other joints and parts of your body, like your back and neck. Not walking correctly can affect your posture and bring a lot of pain to your whole body.

6. Relieve Bunion Pain

Pain Relievers

Fortunately, there are some things you can do by yourself to alleviate your bunion pain. But if you’re already experiencing too much pain or you want to get diagnosed, then you should consider going to your doctor or health provider. That being said, here are some ways to relieve bunion pain.

5. Take the Correct Medications

Expired Medications

Needless to say, your doctor will give you the necessary prescription to alleviate bunion pain effectively. But you can always try taking some medication like ibuprofen that helps alleviate the pain and reduce inflammation.

Keep in mind, though, that using these types of medication for longer periods of time can cause side effects on your body. Take them with the necessary precautions and consider talking to your health provider beforehand.


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