4. Try Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists

Certain exercises can help you strengthen the muscles on your feet to pull your toes back into place, relieving the pain of bunions and helping your body as a whole if you’ve been walking with bunions for a long time.

Physical therapy is something you can’t do for yourself, so we recommend that you contact a physical therapist of your choice so they can determine a proper therapy plan for you based on your current situation.

3. Use Supportive Shoes

Supportive Shoes

Using a good pair of shoes can go a long way to reduce your bunion pain. Try finding comfortable sneakers with soft materials that provide arch support and enough cushion to absorb the shocks when walking. Try to get a size you’re comfortable with, which doesn’t leave your toes too tight or too close to each other. Remember to take both width and length into consideration.

2. Use Toe Spacers

Toe Spacers

Even though they’re most commonly used for other types of foot pain, and it’s still to be determined if they actually work, toe spacers can help bring your big toe back into its regular position and can help with your bunion pain. There are different types of toe spacers that you can wear during the day or just at night.


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