Dining Out

Going out to a restaurant is a wonderful treat for many people, but nowadays it is not without risk and many are wondering if they can catch COVID-19 while dining out. The answer is yes, you can catch COVID-19 at a restaurant.

Many cafes are offering patio and outdoor seating to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Sadly, restaurants and bars still pose a huge danger. The virus is spread by respiratory droplets. People cannot wear a mask when eating or drinking, so they expel droplets that are easily picked up by those nearby.

If you do not want to stay at home and cook, then you might want to consider takeout instead of going to a restaurant to avoid catching COVID-19.

Here are the top ways you can catch COVID-19 dining out.

9. Not Wearing a Face Mask Always

Face Mask Pulled Down

If you do not wear a face mask between courses, then you run a significant risk of catching COVID-19. A mask protects you and the other diners in the restaurant, so it is imperative that you wear one when not eating. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), extended exposure to strangers puts you at extreme risk.

8. Putting Your Hands Near Your Face

Touching Face

If you touch the table and condiments and then your face, then you might accidentally expose yourself to the virus. Ideally, you should not touch your face and only use utensils to eat your food. Also, use drinking straws to drink your beverages so you do not pick up the glasses and handle them with your hands.

In addition, you should always wash your hands both before and after eating. The virus cannot stand up to soap and water. Ideally, frequent handwashing is a great way to protect yourself when used with other preventative measures. If you touched the table surface or condiments, then you might have picked up the virus from the surface and could transfer it to your nose, mouth, or eyes with unclean hands.



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