7. Not Social Distancing from Other Diners

Social Distancing Restaurant

Many restaurants are not practicing the rules of social distancing or limiting the number of diners in the restaurant. You should always evaluate the steps that a restaurant is taking before making reservations. If you do not sit far enough away from other diners, then you are at significant risk. You should maintain at least six or more feet between you and other diners.

Children can be of particular issue in restaurants. Many children carry the virus without ever exhibiting symptoms. Sometimes parents let their children run loose in the restaurant and the youngsters have no concept of social distancing. They can easily spread the virus to adults.

6. Using Table Condiments and Self-Serve Areas

Table Condiments

If the restaurant staff does not successfully clean the table condiments, then you might accidentally pick up the virus from the surface of the bottles. Bring your own condiment packs to avoid the bottles on the table.

Many fast-food restaurants have self-serve beverage and condiment areas that are not cleaned between each person. They pose a considerable risk of spreading the coronavirus and you should avoid them to stay safe.

5. Unsafe Employees

Restaurant Employee

Not all employees are diligent about properly wearing their masks. Maybe they have slipped down past their nose or they are continually touching the mask. Are they wearing gloves? Are they keeping their distance when taking your order? These are all considerations when dining out.

Another employee interaction that you might not think about is valet service. Valet service might have seemed like a great idea before COVID-19; after all, who wants to hunt for a parking place? However, having a stranger sit in your car and handle the interior items is a risky endeavor. You never know where the person touched or if they breathed on items without a mask. To be safe, you should park your car yourself and say no to valet service.



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