4. Waiting for a Table

Waiting For A Table

Restaurants have an extremely limited area to wait for a table. People often congregate near doorways or in seating areas. Some even sit in the bar. Not avoiding crowds is a dangerous practice. If you must wait for a table, try to distance yourself away from the crowd.

Ask for a buzzer that lets you know when the table is ready. You can even provide your cell phone number and ask for a call while you wait in your car.

3. Weak Bathroom Soap

The Soap Dispenser

Yes, soap can kill COVID-19, but some restaurants have very weak soap. If you want to be extra safe, then you should use hand sanitizer after you wash your hands to make sure they are sanitary and free of the virus.

2. Lack of Ventilation Around Seating

Outdoor Dining

When it is hot or cold outside diners congregate indoors. The building ventilation system moves the air throughout the restaurant and spread the virus. If you must dine out at a restaurant, then only pick ones with patio seating.

However, many outdoor seating arrangements are under a canopy with little air circulation, so the lack of a breeze and so many people exhaling while they dine can spread the virus even outside. It is imperative that you socially distance tables even when dining outdoors.



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