Don’t – Cycle Through Diets


So you’ve committed to healthier living to get cholesterol under control. That’s good. However, be sure that you’re picking a specific diet and sticking to it. Not all diets are created equal, and it can take some time to see results. In the case of cholesterol issues, this means getting tested, so patience is key. If you know a diet is not working out for you, by all means, change it up- but do so intelligently- talk to your doctor to figure out what is working and what isn’t and make intelligent decisions about which diet plan you should follow.

Do – Commit to Exercise

Commit to Exercise

Just like with dieting, taking cholesterol-lowering medication does not exempt you from other lifestyle adjustments. One of the best natural ways to deal with cholesterol is regular exercise. Feeling unmotivated? It doesn’t take much exercise to make a big difference. In fact, only a half-hour of moderate exercise a day is enough to stay healthy. Even better, there are numerous other benefits associated with regular exercise, such as lower blood pressure, increased energy, and even improved cognitive function as well. As with dietary changes, regular exercise may take time to show results, so be patient and keep at it.

Don’t – Mix Statins and Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Bad news for grapefruit lovers. If you suffer from high cholesterol, statins, and other cholesterol-lowering medication may be adversely affected by consuming grapefruit. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of both grapefruit and statins, just try not to take them at the same time. In fact, it’s best to take Statins at night because of the way they operate; specifically, they interfere with the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol, most of which occurs in the evening. With that in mind, you should be okay to enjoy a grapefruit, or some grapefruit juice in moderation, just earlier in the day.

All in all, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting your cholesterol under control and keeping it that way. In the first place, you need to be aware of your cholesterol situation- LDL, HDL, triglycerides, etc. Aside from that, you’ll need to follow treatments and make positive lifestyle choices. This includes a proper diet low in trans and saturated fat, as well as sugars. If you stick to these lifestyle changes and keep in contact with your doctor to note any changes or complications, it is possible to make progress toward a healthier, happier life.

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