Colon Cancer Warning Signs

When it comes to illnesses, cancer is easily among the worst. It’s highly destructive, and conventional medical practices are not always as effective as we’d like them to be when it comes to solving the problem. However, while cancer is very dangerous, the threat it poses to health is greatly affected by when it is discovered within the body. When caught early on, there is a much better outlook in terms of treatment options. Colon cancer, one of the most lethal types of cancer, is no exception. Concerned about the risk of colon cancer? Be aware of these warning signs.

12.  Bleeding

colon cancer

Among the common warning signs of colon cancer, rectal bleeding is typically the most significant. The blood may be bright red, or it can be a dark color, but either way, it’s worth looking into. This is specifically true if there is a significant amount of blood found on toilet paper or in the toilet, as rectal bleeding from colon cancer tends to produce much more blood than you would find resulting from hemorrhoids or minor injuries. Even intermittent bleeding could indicate a very serious issue, so it’s important to speak to a medical professional as soon as you notice.

11. Iron Deficiency

iron deficiency

Blood is critical to the body for a large number of reasons. It carries many important nutrients to all of the cells in the body. This means that when the body bleeds, particularly in excess, that much of those valuable nutrients in the blood are lost, instead of delivered to where they are needed most. Iron is a significant component of blood, and rectal bleeding from cancerous tumors can cause deficiencies of iron and other key nutrients. Large or prolonged deficits can create a number of symptoms for the body as it struggles to compensate for a lack of supplies.

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