3. 17 and Under Symptoms to Watch For

A Child

Children in this age group tend to have mild cold-like symptoms from coronavirus. Those symptoms could include a dry cough, a runny nose or congestion, and a fever.

Children with COVID-19 sometimes also develop “COVID toes.” If a child develops red and swollen toes, which might include red or purple lesions, consult with a doctor. This symptom might be painful or not at all, but could be an indication of coronavirus infection.

2. A Rare Symptom for Children Under 5

Disinfect Kids' Toys

Public health organizations like WHO and the CDC are also investigating the link between coronavirus and Kawasaki syndrome. This condition seems to be most common in children, and more often in children under five years old.

Symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome include red and irritated eyes, mouth inflammation, rash, fever, swollen lymph nodes and swollen feet and hands. This rare condition can be very serious, sometimes leading to heart disease.

1. Protect Yourself, No Matter Your Age Group

Bring A Child

Whether your age group is at high risk for severe coronavirus symptoms or not, it’s important to protect yourself from infection. Following the CDC guidelines of consistent handwashing, social distancing in public, and wearing a face mask in public will go a long way toward preventing COVID-19 spread.

Other simple ways to avoid coronavirus infection are to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. When you do gather, do so outdoors where there’s lots of ventilation and plenty of space to stay far apart from others around you.

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