COVID-19 Update: Dr. Fauci Warns of “Not Good News” Ahead

As the fall season moves forward, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing at a record-breaking speed. Many people are calling it the second or third coronavirus wave of 2020, but Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks differently. According to Fauci, when interviewed for the All Markets Summit with Yahoo Finance, this is still the first wave of COVID regaining ground. “I look at it as an elongated — and an exacerbation of — the original first wave,” Fauci said.

Keep reading to learn more observations and guidance from Dr. Fauci from the summit about COVID and its current shocking rise. 

12. Why the First Wave of COVID Is Still Growing


As the USA’s leading expert on infectious disease, Dr. Fauci shared his insight into why the first wave of coronavirus in this country is still going strong. “If you look at when we got hit badly, which was dominated early on by the northeastern corridor, particularly the New York metropolitan area, the cases went way up and then came back down to a baseline of about 20,000 cases. So, we never really cleared and got down to a very low baseline, which I would consider to be less than 10,000 per day.” 


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