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Each passing day, we’ve been getting to know more about COVID-19 and how it affects us all. It’s been almost a year since the disease started to spread across the world, and we have a better understanding of which social groups have been more affected and have had more severe consequences.

Recent studies have showed which groups are at the highest risk when dealing with COVID-19. Even though everyone’s at risk, some groups are in more danger than others. There are many factors to take into consideration, such as age, previous health issues, and disorders. If you fall into any of these group, you need to be more careful.

6. First Things First: Everyone’s at Risk

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t fall into any of the groups mentioned below. You’re at risk of getting COVID-19 and being affected by it regardless of your gender, ethnicity, age group, or any other factor you can think of. You still need to take the necessary precautions to take care of yourself and others around you.

5. If You’re Older, the Risk Gets Higher

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The first thing to take into account is your age. As you’ve heard before, the older you are, the higher your risk when it comes to COVID-19. According to Dr. Perry Wilson from Yale University, if you’re over 85 years old, you have a risk of death of around 20% when dealing with COVID.

Not only that but, research from the Mayo Clinic states that 80% of deaths in the US have been of people age 65 or older. The older you are, the chance of developing a dangerous symptom increases, but that’s not the only factor.

Both old and young age groups are being affected by the disease. If you’re younger, you can still develop a dangerous symptom, especially if you have a previous disease.


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