6. There Is Such a Thing as Peeing Too Much

Peeing Too Much

“Peeing every hour isn’t normal unless you’re drinking tons of water or consuming a diuretic like coffee or alcohol,” says Dr. Kaplan. Excessive peeing isn’t considered to be dangerous by itself, but it can be a sign of other issues, such as diabetes, overactive bladder, an infection, prostate problems, or even a heart problem.

5. Some People Can’t Pee at All

People Can’t Pee

While there are those who frequently pee, there are others who aren’t able to pee at all, which happens due to a condition called acute urinary retention. The disorder is usually accompanied by pain and is considered to be severely dangerous and should be looked at immediately.

4. It’s OK If It Smells

Pee Smells
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Urine with an odor is common, the exception being a fish-like smell that can indicate a possible infection. Odor can develop from the foods you consume, like asparagus, curry, and chili peppers, as well as foods that contain nitrates or other preservatives. Dehydration can also produce smelly urine because it is extremely concentrated.



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