3. You Can Pee the Wrong Way

Pee Wrong Way

“Some people stress or clench their butt without knowing it, which can cause different patterns of urination and even pain,” says Dr. Kaplan. When peeing, try to relax and let it flow.

2. It Can Look Like a Rainbow

Pee Rainbow

Normal urine color can range from a pale yellow (which mean you are hydrated) to a deep amber (this means you might be dehydrated). But pigments and compounds from foods and medications can also play a role in the color of the urine. Beets, berries, and certain medications can turn your urine bright red, while some over-the-counter and prescription medications can turn it highlighter yellow or even a greenish-blue color. Keep an eye out for certain colors like orange, deep red or brown, as these can indicate kidney failure, infection, blood disorders, or liver malfunction.

1. Pay Attention to Foamy Urine

Foamy Urine
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Foamy pee can happen when your stream is powerful and fast, but it can also be a sign of increased protein levels that can indicate a serious kidney problem if the foam persists over time. Be sure to consult a doctor should you continue to see foam in your pee.



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