8. Hair Dye and Cancer

Highlight Your Hair

Over one-third of all females who are 18 years or older and around 10 percent of males extensively use hair dye. Most hair dyes are made of many chemicals. In fact, they may contain over 5,000 different chemicals, and many of these have been shown to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in animals.

With so many people using hair dye, many experts have worried that frequent exposure to the dye’s chemicals might increase the risk of developing cancer.

7. Limitations of the Study


The study that was carried out was only performed on Caucasians in America, which means the results might be different from other demographics. Further studies are clearly needed that include a more diverse group of individuals.

6. Breast Cancer and Hair Dye

Breast Cancer

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health recently carried out a study and found that women who use chemical straighteners and hair dye have a greater risk of developing breast cancer.



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