5. African American Women at Greater Risk of Cancer from Dyes

New Hair

46,709 women participated in the study, which found that women who used hair dyes were 9 percent more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than those who do not use dyes and straighteners. African-American women who use dye every five to eight weeks had a 60 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer, compared to Caucasian women who only had an 8 percent increase.

4. Researchers on the Risk of Dyes and Cancer


“Researchers have been studying the possible link between hair dye and cancer for a long time, but results have been inconsistent,” stated Alexandra White, Ph.D., head of the NIEHS Environment and Cancer Epidemiology Group. “In our study, we see a higher breast cancer risk associated with hair dye use, and the effect is stronger in African-American women, particularly those who are frequent users.”

3. Bladder Cancer and Hair Dye

Bladder Cancer

The American Cancer Society reported that barbers and hairstylists who are regularly exposed to hair dye appear to have an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. However, that link has not been established in people that regularly dye their hair and is only in individuals who use the chemicals in their work.



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