As the COVID-19 pandemic began to rage globally, many predicted a slowdown during the summer months. However,  the heat does not appear to have any impact on the virus, as cases have soared in Florida and many other warm areas around the globe. However, does sunlight kill COVID-19?

According to one study, the sun’s rays do substantially impact the virility of the COVID-19 virus. The sunlight appears to kill the coronavirus particles within 34 minutes. In most cases, people contract the virus from airborne particles they obtain via person-to-person contact.

10. Does the Sunlight in the Winter and Summer Kill COVID-19?

Summer Sun

In the summer at midday, the sunlight’s UV rays are exceptionally potent and quickly deactivate the virus. But in the winter months, the sunlight’s strength is reduced. In the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, researchers concluded that the summer sun will render the COVID-19 virus ineffective in 11 to 34 minutes of sun exposure.

9. Two Hours of Sun Exposure

Skipping Sunglasses

Up to 99 percent of COVID-19 is rendered inactive within two hours of sun exposure during the summer months. The ideal conditions found for killing the virus occur at noon in U.S. cities that are in the southern portion of latitude 43 degrees north.



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