10. Unintentional Weight Loss

Unexplained Weight Loss

People can lose weight without intending to do so. Anxiety, depression, or a physical illness can reduce someone’s overall weight. However, when oral cancer causes weight loss, it’s more often due to the pain from chewing or swallowing. Tumors or oral cancer that spread to other areas can also cause a person to drop pounds quickly, without any changes in activity or diet. If weight starts dropping swiftly, it may be time to see a doctor. 

9. Numbness In the Mouth 

Mouth Syndrome 2nd

Tumors resulting from oral cancer can become large enough to impede or injure the nerves in and around the mouth. The onset of the numbness isn’t sudden; it occurs after months of pain. Though most cases of numbness aren’t oral cancer, it’s best to see a healthcare professional to confirm. 

8. Hoarseness

hoarse voice

The hoarseness that stems from oral cancer is different from the raspy voice that people associate with long-term smokers. Rather than a gradual development, as with people who smoke, a hoarse voice from oral cancer happens suddenly. Vocal changes that occur out of the blue or within a week or two may require follow-up with a doctor. 


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