7. Red or White Patches

Mouth Sores

Areas that are red or white on the tongue, gums, inner cheeks, or other mouth regions that don’t heal might be caused by oral cancer. If the area near the red or white discoloration is firm or sore, it may signify that a tumor is forming. Patches of red or white in the mouth may indicate oral cancer and require medical care. 

6. Difficulty Enunciating Words 

people talk

The tongue and lips are essential for sounding out words correctly. Because oral cancer can impact nerves and cause pain, articulating words can become hard to do. Individuals with oral cancer may find themselves having to work harder to enunciate words. 

5. Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain

The jaw pain from oral cancer might be mistaken for lockjaw because people often associate the inability to move the jaw with thaw disorder. However, oral cancer can make it uncomfortable to open the mouth wide or open the mouth at all. Oral cancer may affect the nerves and muscles, making the jaw feel like it’s clamped together or too painful to open. 


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