5. Fatigue 


The fatigue that appears with bladder cancer is much more severe than common everyday tiredness. This type of fatigue interferes with all aspects of someone’s life, disrupting daily activities and impacting work. Unlike common fatigue, the lack of energy that comes from bladder cancer doesn’t diminish with rest and relaxation. According to the American Cancer Society, this type of tiredness is called “cancer-related fatigue”, and, if it appears with other signs of bladder cancer, requires a visit to a physician for a checkup.

4. Frequently Feeling the Need to Urinate

Peeing Enough

As people grow older, they may find themselves needing to use the restroom more frequently. Because the bladder can’t hold as much urine as it did in its younger years, older adults may need to empty their bladder often. In the case of bladder cancer, the sensation to urinate can become overwhelming, yet when trying to urinate very little comes out. Aside from bladder cancer, needing to urinate more frequently with age is natural, but it’s best to seek professional advice.

3. Persistent Urinary Tract Infections

Treatment For A Uti

Overall, most urinary tract infections aren’t signs of bladder cancer. However, it’s easy to mistake signs of bladder cancer for a UTI. A UTI that remains despite antibiotic treatments and other interventions might be bladder cancer instead. More women die of bladder cancer than of cervical cancer, most likely because they mistake their bladder cancer symptoms for an UTI. So, when faced with a UTI that doesn’t heal, it may be wise to get checked for bladder cancer instead.


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