2. Pelvic or Lower Back Pain

Back Pain

As bladder cancer progresses, it may cause pelvic or lower back pain. The severity of the pain can range from slight discomfort to constant unbearable pain. Because pelvic or lower back pain might be a sign of advanced bladder cancer, it’s vital to seek a physician’s advice, especially if there are other symptoms present.

1. Unintended Weight Loss 

Unexplained Weight Loss

Unintended weight loss can indicate advanced stages of bladder cancer, especially if it occurs with another symptom — extreme fatigue. The metabolic changes that cancer triggers can result in a loss of appetite and consumption of the body’s energy reserves, resulting in weight loss. 

Treatment of Bladder Cancer 

Bashful Bladder

According to the American Cancer Society, the people most at risk for bladder cancer are over the age of 55 and: 

  • Have had a previous case of bladder cancer
  • Have birth defects or anomalies of the bladder
  • Have had past exposure to chemicals at work

As with all cancers, detecting bladder cancer in its early stages can greatly improve treatment outcomes. Spotting the signs of bladder cancer when it’s still small and hasn’t spread is the key to a successful treatment. Because the symptoms of bladder cancer can mimic other health problems, it’s important to get evaluated when the symptoms occur in combination with each other. 


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