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Many are thrilled that the COVID-19 vaccine is finally here and can’t wait until it is their turn to get it. Although the vaccine is proven to be safe and effective, there are certain people who should not get it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, discussed the vaccine’s side effects and who should not take it on News 12’s The New Normal.

Continue reading to learn what Fauci said.

Avoid the Vaccine if You Have Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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According to Dr. Fauci, those who should be first in line to get vaccinated are “the ones that have a more likely chance of getting a severe outcome” if infected with COVID-19.

This includes “vulnerable people, the elderly individuals with underlying conditions, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, individuals with those types of diseases,” Dr. Fauci explained.

“In addition, people who are immunocompromised, for example cancer patients who are on chemotherapy and a variety of autoimmune patients who might have suppressed immune response.”

However, not everyone should get vaccinated, including those who suffer from Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Dr. Fauci explained the syndrome as a “reaction, which is a rare neurological reaction to either influenza or the vaccine for influenza, we recommend that those people do not get vaccinated because you might trigger a similar, serious response.”

He did emphasize that there are not many who fall into this category. “You got to remember, that number of people is very, very small,” he said.

Dr. Fauci also warned that those with a history of extreme allergic reactions should be cautious.

He said that “someone who has a history of a severe allergic reaction, that those individuals don’t get vaccinated now with this product, or if they do get vaccinated, they do it in a location that has the capability of responding to an allergic reaction. You just don’t want to go and get in a place that has no capability.”

Dr. Fauci Says Side Effects are Minimal and Encourages Everyone Else To Take the Vaccine

Covid Vaccine

Some side effects Dr. Fauci warned about are—”a sore arm, a little bit, you might feel a little bit fatigue and down for 24 hours to 36 hours at the most, a small percentage of the people might get a fever that would last for 24 hours. You take a Tylenol, you can take care of that without much problem.”

He says the average person could experience the same side effects as they did with other vaccines.

It is crucial to continue following safety guidelines until you are allowed to get the new COVID-19 vaccine and wait the recommended about of time to ensure immunity. Doing so will ensure your health and the health of those around you.

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