10. You’ve Used Botox


If you’ve had treatment on your face with Botox, it may cause your eyelids to droop. Botox comes from the botulinum toxin, which causes muscle paralysis. Botox treatments near the eyelids may cause eyelids to droop. Botox eventually wears off. However, if the drooping eyelid causes you concern, you can check with your healthcare professional for more information. 

9. You May Be Having a Stroke

Risk Of Stroke

When you’re experiencing a stroke, your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen and nutrients. A stroke occurs when a clot blocks blood flow or a vessel bursts. The lack of oxygen can make one side of your face droop. If your eyelids suddenly begin to droop and you also experience trouble seeing, speaking, or walking, get help fast

8. You May Suffer from Mitochondrial Myopathies


When mitochondrial myopathies occur, eyes and eyelids can weaken, causing drooping. These genetic diseases may also cause mild vision issues. Children with mitochondrial myopathies are encouraged to have frequent vision checks. Even as adults, mitochondrial myopathies can affect the vision. Healthcare professionals might suggest nutritional supplements like carnitine or coenzyme Q. 

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