11. Make a Goal-Focused Plan

goal focused plan

This point ties in very well with the last one. Having a plan for your workouts can give you the confidence you need to push toward your fitness goals. Keep in mind, however, that having a plan definitely does *not* mean just going in and doing the same thing every day, or even every week. We’re trying to stay away from boredom while keeping the fitness train moving. Decide what you’re going to work on each day of the week, and then pick out exercises that complement that. Planning a different routine every week keeps you focused on the goal.

10. An Apple a Day…


Is apparently good for more than ducking the doctor. Studies show that if you snack on some fruit before shopping, you’ll make better choices in the foods you purchase. Part of getting fit and staying fit is diet. Managing your caloric intake, as well as where your calories come from, will help you lose weight, while a nutritionally rich spread of food will ensure your body remains healthy and strong. The point is, eating fruit before you go for groceries puts you in the right state of mind to make healthy purchases (fruits and vegetables) rather than splurging on junk food.

9. Brain Games

brain games

Another popular line of thought is that a workout is ‘all in your head’. While that’s certainly not 100% true, as there is a very real physical component to exercise, the mindset does play a key role in your workout and dieting process.  For starters, exercising your mind with games, puzzles and other challenges keeps you younger longer, and interacts with your physical health. Additionally, if you regularly keep your mind preoccupied with such pursuits, it can help you ignore problematic cravings for unhealthy foods, constant desires to snack, and other poor decisions that might otherwise impede your fitness progress.

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