5.Smart Snacking

smart snacking

Earlier, I mentioned ‘brain games’ as a way to keep away from bad habits like unhealthy snacking. But what if you just can’t get away from that mid-afternoon munchies craving? Well, the good news is, not all snacks are created equal. Portion sizes certainly count, and so does the nutrition of whatever you’re snacking on. Keeping a healthy snack handy when hunger strikes can save your wallet and your waistline. Almonds are a great choice, but as long as you don’t opt for carb or sugar-heavy snacks, a little indulgence here and there probably won’t set you back.

4. Smart Eating in General

smart eating

When it comes to calories in, there’s a lot more on the plate than just snacks. Meals obviously play a role, and much like other activities, what you eat, and even how you eat it can set you up for success or be your downfall. Smaller plates will allow you to get used to the idea of eating more appropriate portion sizes- you can trick your brain into thinking you’re still eating a lot. Furthermore, the pace at which you eat can help too. Slower eating gives you more time to realize you’re full before you kill your entire plate.

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3. Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits

Sleep health is intertwined with both physical and mental health. As such, healthy sleeping habits can help you get fit and stay fit in a number of ways. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll definitely notice it in the form of energy loss, which means you won’t be giving your all during workouts and may skip them altogether. Furthermore, you’ll be irritable, which you may seek to remedy through binge eating of comfort foods high in sugar, fat, and salt. Chemical imbalances from lack of sleep may exacerbate this. Both of these issues will detour your weight loss goals.

2. A Little Wiggle Room

cheat day

You may not think that advertising a cheat day is conducive to weight loss, but give it some thought. Strict diets, like strict, repetitive workouts, lead to, boredom, and eventually burn out. What’s worse is that they don’t have any significant advantage over those who indulge in the occasional cheat day. A recent study indicated that among sets of dieters, one with a cheat day and the other with a strict regimen all week, the biggest difference between the two groups was not weight loss, but morale; those with the occasional cheat day were more committed to their diet plan.

1. Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

No, seriously. If you have issues with self-image, steps like the taking selfies and weighing may make you feel frustrated, while taking a cheat day may make you feel guilty. You have to put that out of your head. What’s important is to constantly take steps toward weight loss, if that is your goal, in a way that works for you. Getting angry at yourself about yourself won’t help as much as developing solutions and gunning for them. Better mental and emotional help will help you get to where you want to be physically. All spheres of health connect.

All in all, there are a number of things you can do to get the body you want. When it comes to becoming more fit, it’s important to realize that it’s not just a physical game- it’s a mental one too, from staying positive to devising strategies. Find other ways to blend in healthy and helpful behaviors, and don’t get discouraged if the road of progress is long. Everyone’s genetics are different, so even two similarly sized people following similar programs may have vastly different results. Do your best to be physically and mentally healthy through diet and regular exercise.

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