Everyone Farts, But Did You Know These 11 Fart Facts?

Fart Facts

Farts. Everyone has them, and while they tend to be a source of amusement for teenage boys and a source of embarrassment for most everyone else, they are fascinating from a scientific and health viewpoint. For example, the Atlantic and Pacific herring can use air expelled through their anuses to communicate when it is dark. Read on for some more explosive facts.

Herring Can Communicate Via Farts



Unlike humans, who have been known to use farts to clear their beds of undesirables, the Atlantic and Pacific herring use farts to communicate as they prepare for a good night’s sleep. And scientists are pretty sure communication is behind the sounds, as they occur only when it is dark and a large number of herring are around. Whether a herring is hungry or scared doesn’t seem to factor in. Interestingly, as noise pollution becomes more of an issue in oceans (think about ship engines), these fish may not be able to communicate as well.