9. You Have Some Control over How Your Farts Sound

Fart Sound

Some farts are silent but deadly. Others are loud but don’t seem to pack much of a stink punch. The sound comes down to how much gas needs to come out—and how quickly it does come out. Also, your sphincter muscle plays a role. If you’re chill and relaxed, your fart should be quieter. On the other hand, if you’re trying to hold your fart in (like if you’re in a major meeting), the bad news is that it is more likely to be louder.

8. Farts Sexually Arouse Some People


Olfactophilia is when a person gets turned on by smells, and many farts smell. Thus, enter eproctophilia, a phenomenon in which people get turned on by flatulence. For some people, the arousal comes from the fact that farting is often seen as a social taboo. So, it can be titillating when, say, a proper, beautiful young person passes gas. In fact, quite a few people with eproctophilia say the smellier the fart, the better, as it heightens the taboo.

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7. Earth Has Experienced about 17 Quadrillion Human Farts


Ever heard the fact that you are, right now, likely breathing at least one of the molecules that made up Julius Caesar’s last breaths? Now imagine everyone who has ever lived (and farted). Some scientists did this, taking the number of humans who have existed and the average human lifespan. They assigned each person 13.6 farts a day, and the equation they devised resulted in 17 quadrillion human farts, as of 2014. That’s a lot of hot air!



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