6. Holding in Your Farts Can Be Painful


You probably won’t die or anything like that by holding in your farts. However, you could be setting yourself up for more stomach cramps and pain. If at all possible, find a quiet spot or a bathroom, and let go. But there’s more! Hold in too many farts and for too long, and you could develop fart breath. This is because the gas that’s waiting to get out might hitch another ride through your body via the bloodstream and find itself in your lungs.

5. I Could Develop Fart Breath, Really?


Yes, really. However, you don’t need to worry about your breath smelling like farts. Whew. The stink stays put in your lower body until you expel it. Now, this part may cause you further worry. The longer you hold in farts, the more you are building yourself up for a majorly embarrassing incident. In fact, your intestines may start making fart-like noises before long, but you’re not actually farting. In fact, you’re trying your best to hold them in, but you sound like you’re farting.

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4. Your Own Farts Don’t Smell So Bad

farting man

People get used to their own smells and sounds and aren’t bothered by them as much as they would be by someone else’s. That’s why when you fart, you do not flee from the smell. In fact, you may even be proud of it. Now if someone else farts, that could send you running for the hills! The good news about smell habituation is that if something’s gone wrong in your gut, you are more likely to notice when your farts smell different.



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